This is a question that many UK homeowners ask when it comes to the time for a relocation, and like all industries, there are good and bad contractors. If you are soon planning a move, here are a few things to look for when searching for a local removal company.

  1. Fully Comprehensive Service – Obviously, you want a removal contractor that offers a comprehensive service, which would include packing, plus the supply of all packing materials. Whether you are looking for removal services in Broxbourne, or any other part of the UK, you should check that they offer a packing service.
  2. Fully Insured – While the removal team would take the greatest of care, accidents do happen, and by using a company that is fully insured, any damage will be covered.
  1. Adequate Resources – Hiring a man with a van might seem like a good idea, but a vehicle breakdown or employee absenteeism might mean the job cannot be completed on the required day. An established removal company would have the resources to guarantee the work will be completed according to schedule.
  1. Temporary Storage – It is often the case where the removal cannot be carried out in a single operation, perhaps due to property handover, so it is important that the removal company has some secure temporary storage, which might incur a small extra charge.

Any reputable removal company would not give a quote over the phone, as they would need to create an inventory of all the items to be included in the move, and by asking several contractors to quote for the project, you can compare prices and the services they are offering.