Are you planning on moving to Boise? A lot of people are but there are some things you should know before you move there.

People are Really Friendly:

People in Boise are really friendly, it is kind of like a town where everyone knows everybody. But it is still pretty big. So, if you are new people will welcome you with open arms. It is a close-knit community and a lot of activities are planned together. You can skip out if you want but they are really fun.

The People here Love Outdoors:

Boise is very beautiful. It has been gifted with natural beauty and people who live in Boise and in the State of Idaho are really outdoorsy. If you are that kind of person you will fit right in. People often go camping, river rafting, hiking, and fishing. Idaho is famous for its potatoes but the people are not couch potatoes.

If you like outdoors and sports you will love Boise and you will never be bored. Even in winters, people go skiing and there are tons of ski resorts in the north of Boise. Even in super cold winters, people don’t sit at their homes. If you are a sports lover look for homes for sale in Boise now.

Music Festivals are Big Here:

People love music and in the month of June, there is a concrete happing at every corner. During the summertime, there is a five-day festival that happens in Boise and people from all over the state come over here and enjoy the music.

If you are not a fan of music festivals don’t move to Boise. You can move elsewhere in Idaho but Boise loves its music. If you are music lover Boise can be your very own paradise.

There are A lot of Museums here:

If you are not an outdoorsy person that’s okay you can spend your weekend in the museum. Because there are plenty here. Geeks are also welcome here. You don’t have to be a jock.

You can also visit many pubs and clubs that are nightlife of the city. Or if you love theatre you can always find a good play to watch.

The Homes are Expensive:

The houses here are expensive, quite a few times more expensive than the national average. Mainly because that living standard is better than the most state. Health care, education, and other things are pretty great in Boise. So owning a house might be a bit hard as the median home price starts from 300,000.

Other than homes there is nothing bad about Boise, the crime rate is also very low so it is a safe and happy city to live in.