Every home is unique and therefore, each of them has different requirements when it comes to cooling and heating solutions. While there are many factors determining the best solution for a particular home, location, size, and climate are some of the major ones to consider.

So, how do you decide if traditional AC unit is ideal for your space or thermopompe centrale? Well, the following article will help you in making a right choice among so many options available in the market!

Basics on traditional AC units

While there are many kinds of modern AC units that are available in the market, most of the homes in Canada use the traditional one. So, we will be talking about it.

Well, traditional AC units remove heat from inside your home via refrigerant medium. The warm air gets pulled across evaporator coil and the cool air is distributed across your home through ductwork. These systems have modern filtration that includes air handlers in every room. This kind of central AC system can last for as long as 15-20 years if routine maintenance is carried out by HVAC professionals.

However, they may prove to be unreasonable for smaller homes that have limited space as they need installation of ductwork. Plus, they can only act as the cooling solutions. So, they require being paired with heating system like furnace.

Important facts on heat pumps

Heat pumps offer more eco friendly and simpler alternative to the traditional AC systems. While the heat pumps can cool the space in the similar way like traditional systems, they can even heat your home using similar process. They are noteworthy for their capability of distributing warm air outside or even inside the home.

Heat pumps allow you to reverse refrigerant flow that can transfer heat in the room rather than pushing it out. Installing them can reduce the cost greatly since you won’t need to install two separate systems.

They are even energy efficient since these systems redistribute heat rather than generating it. As a result, the home owners with these systems notice significantly less energy bills. While it is true that the start-up cost for installing this system might be high, the long term savings on energy that you get are great.

To conclude, the decision of choosing a heating and cooling solution depends on your needs as well as situation. So, make sure to evaluate the pros and cons of both of the above mentioned categories of system to make best choice!