The air conditioning unit is one of the essential appliances that you will find in houses nowadays. Invented by Willis Carrier around a century ago, the air conditioning unit is designed to cool and purify the air before blowing it in a room or any confined space. The rudimentary design has been improved upon by many companies in the past few decades, and today, air conditioners are available in numerous sizes and shapes. Ranging from the smaller, window-sized conditioner to the full-sized HVAC unit, there are several options possible for you to choose from.

If you have an air conditioning unit installed in your house, you should know that maintaining it is going to be a big responsibility. Most air conditioners have an outer unit that must be placed in a properly ventilated environment. It is imperative that you pay attention to the sounds coming from your air conditioner and gauge its performance regularly before deciding whether to call a serviceman. It is important to note that while some basic maintenance tasks can be done by the homeowner, tinkering with the unit without any prior knowledge or experience is a bad idea. There is a big risk that you will end up causing more damage to the air conditioner if you begin tinkering with it on your own. Instead, it’s better if you call a local company that offers air conditioning repairs in Gloucester. Here are some things that you should know about how to maintain your air conditioning unit.

Get Rid of Debris

The first and most important thing that you need to do is to check the condenser unit outdoors and remove any debris from it. Overgrown bushes and plants could make it difficult for the unit to pull in air from the environment, which could ultimately affect the efficiency of your unit. More importantly, this could also cause the unit to overheat and exert more pressure on it. As a result, there’s a risk that your air conditioner will stop working, especially if debris or overgrown plants get in the way. Make sure that there are at least 12 inches of free space available around the unit so that it can pull air freely.

Clean and Replace the Filter

The air filter must be cleaned and replaced after every few months of hard use. The air filters are designed to trap dust particles and other fine particles that could affect the quality of the air. The filter is installed behind the return air grille on the unit, so you will need first to consult the manual and find out where the filter is located before taking it apart. It’s going to require a little bit of effort to uncover the grill and then take it apart. Clean out the filter with water or use a pressure hose that utilises compressed air to get rid of all the dust particles from the filter and then fit it back into place.

Of course if this is all too much to do yourself you can always use the services of a local tradesman and use the advice that can be found on the Citizens Advice website to get you started.