There are various ways in which companies that deal in fitting and supplying floors made from oaks trim the skirtings. The most prominent option as far as trimming the skirting boards is concerned is Scotia beading. It really helps in finishing the edges of a floor that has been fitted. A few people may be of the opinion that it looks like a cheap option and also mars the look of the floor that has been laid only recently. The other choice for these companies is to trim the bottom part of the skirtings. Once this is done, flooring is fitted beneath the skirting boards.

The best thing about such a finish is that it looks really clean and neat, and there is no need for any extra beading over here as such.What do you get?

These companies are normally experts when it comes to such work. They have been there for quite some time now and this is the reason they know what works and what does not. It is common knowledge that fitting oak floor below trimmed skirting is not exactly child’s play. There is some effort that needs to be put in this case and you do need plenty of skill as well. The skill normally comes with training and is sharpened with practice and experience.

No matter how tough it is, the end result always makes up for all the time and effort that has been invested in the same.

If you want to find out how these surfaces look you can always visit the websites of these service providers and look at the images of the different kinds of work that they have done. For example, here you would get to see how oak flooring looks after it has been installed with trimmed flooring and how a trimmed skirting looks before oak flooring has been installed. This way, you would get a good idea of how things are.

And lastly

Normally, these companies trim the skirtings and then slide the oak flooring beneath the boards. There are plenty of customers all over the world who prefer fitting wood flooring below skirting boards.These companies also use these methods in rooms such as kitchens as well. In this case, they trim the kitchen units that have been installed newly. Since they trim the units they are neatly able to install a new floor and the best part of this is that they do not need extra trims as well.