Many homeowners have a porch, which they wish they could get more use of it. If you are one of these people, you should consider adding an outdoor patio enclosure. Patio enclosures come with several benefits. For example, they provide you with protection from the sun and protection from the snow and also provide pesky pest protection while you enjoy the cool, fresh air. If you plan to add a patio enclosure to your home, you must have enough knowledge of the type of patio you want. This article has provided you with enough knowledge you need to know about the different kinds of enclosed patio enclosures.

Enclosed Sunroom

The enclosed sunroom is one good example of a patio enclosure. An enclosed sunroom is a great way to expand your home by making it more aesthetic and livelier. An enclosed sunroom works to protect you from the harsh sun and other elements such as rain and wind. What feels better than enjoying the natural sunlight? Probably nothing. The good thing about enclosed sunrooms is that they provide pretty enough natural light. Also, most enclosed sunrooms have their walls and doors designed to protect different climates.

Sunroom with Glass Walls

Another type of enclosed patio enclosure is the sunroom with glass walls. The main benefit of the sunroom with glass walls is that it provides an immense amount of light to flow through while still providing shade from the hot sun. If you would love to have a sunroom with glass walls but love a desirable area, you should consider tinting the glass doors and windows. This way, you will be using an efficient way to keep your patio cool. If you live in a cold area and would like to introduce an insulative barrier, you should consider double gazing the windows.

Sunroom with Flyscreen Walls

The sunroom with a flyscreen wall is another type of enclosed sunroom patio. This type of sunroom patio is mainly essential in keeping annoying insects out. It is also suitable for individuals who would love to enjoy the fresh air while sitting outside. Some insects may harm you badly. This is why you should consider trying flyscreen walls out.

Sunroom with Isolated Wall Panels

The sunroom with isolated wall panels is a conducive type of enclosed sunroom patio highly recommended for areas with extreme weather conditions. It helps to manage the temperature of your outdoor room. It is mainly loved by people who love to spend time watching scenic views while staying cozy outside. This type of patio provides an excellent environment where one can reminisce. It can also be a safe space where one runs at the end of every tiresome day.


Even though we look at one type of home patio enclosure in this article, there are still other types. These are the solarium patio, retractable patio, and the open patio home extension. It would be best to consider some factors such as budget and style. This ensures that you get your desired patio at an affordable price.