After having years of experience in the painting industry, we have noticed a lot of customers confusing themselves when it comes to choosing the right paint colors for their homes. Color is one of the crucial visible elements of any design and with so many different ranges, finishes, and treatment, it comes as no surprise that many people end up being confused and feel such pressure to get it right.

At Gold Coast Master Painters, we have many in-house color consultants who are experienced in helping you choose the right shades for your home. As a certified house painting firm, our consultant team gets rid of all the guesswork and guides you through the process of choosing the best from the color wheel to deliver you the results you are seeking for.

Still doesn’t sound convincing? Read on for the reasons why do you need to hire a color consultant.

  1. Involve you in the process

Even if you are unsure of what color should be painted in your house, you will still have some opinions and preferences in your mind which your color consultant would help you give the general idea of your color personality: bold, quiet, bright etc. Keep an open mind while you are presented with some options.

  1. Consider the mood of the room

Cool colors are soothing and warm colors energize a room. A color consultant will give you options based on the ambiance you want to create for your space. S/he will also help you choose accurate shades to create a beautiful room that will meet your unique preferences for colors.

  1. Evaluate natural and artificial lights

It is important to address the lighting issue. There is a reason why paint stores have light boxes so that you can test paint chips. Natural daylight displays the truest color, incandescent lighting brings out the warms and yellows, and fluorescent lighting displays a sharp blue tone. A color consultant will display options on the basis of the lightening conditions of your space and help you navigate through those aspects accordingly.

  1. Consider your home as a whole

A color consultant will delineate how the colors flow from one room to another while you are choosing paint colors. If you are wanting one room to transition naturally into next, you don’t have to use the same color necessarily. The color expert will also demonstrate how you can vary the intensity of the colors used throughout the house to differentiate spaces but keep the home as a whole.