Plant Identification Workshop and Terrarium Workshop Singapore are two workshops meant to help you improve your knowledge of plants. They also provide a great opportunity for people who want to learn more about the plant world. However, they are not the same workshop; there is a different focus between these two workshops. Read this article if you have any questions as we go into detail about both types of workshops!

The 6 main differences between Plant Identification Workshop and Terrarium Workshop Singapore are:

  • Plant Identification Workshop will teach participants how to identify plants based on their physical appearance. Terrarium Workshop Singapore focuses more on teaching participants how to make terrariums and care for them to create an aesthetically pleasing environment indoors or outdoors.
  • The individual who has come to the workshop will bring home a plant with them if they have attended Plant Identification Workshop. In contrast, only those who attend Terrarium Workshop Singapore can make terrariums and take one of their own.
  • Plant Identification Workshop is usually done outside; terrarium workshops are not likely outdoors because plants do not thrive outdoors due to the lack of water and sunlight.
  • A plant identification workshop allows people who want an introduction into botany or horticulture without committing themselves for longer periods, such as during a college semester – it’s perfect for beginners! A terrarium workshop teaches participants how to create airtight containers filled with soil that contains sand, peat moss, compost, and organic material.
  • There is usually no fee to attend a plant identification workshop, but tickets for Terrarium Workshop Singapore cost $25/person.
  • A Plant Identification workshop should last about three hours, while the duration of Terrarium Workshop Singapore varies depending on how long it takes participants to complete their projects.

If you are looking to understand more in detail about plants and identifying them through appearance, choose Plant Identification Workshop. Otherwise, if you’re into small indoor plants and want to make one for yourself, attend a Terrarium Workshop near you now!