The benefits of installing a skylight into your environment, be it at work or at home, extended far beyond our well-being.

The increase in natural light that a skylight provides can have a wide variety of physical, emotional, and psychological effects and advantages. Skylights help to bring a new kind of light to a room, and also improve the user’s health, and natural lighting is an important tool in maintaining sustainability. You’ll experience something that a standard, artificial light could never give you: Vitamin D. Sunlight can prevent vitamin D and vitamin B1 deficiencies that could cause health problems, and diseases.

Skylights reduce energy consumption, and this lessened dependency on artificial lighting can help reduce the cost of electricity by as much as 10%, and potentially lower your heating bills. Solar energy is an unlimited and free resource, which does not produce any harmful emissions, or require wires and pipelines like electricity does. A skylight would provide optimal light efficiency, and remain unobtrusive in a room.

They reduce mould and mildew build-up, which are often found in damp areas. Natural lighting can lessen the production of the harmful organisms that create mould and mildew, as sunlight is considered to be one of the best natural disinfectants. Small rooms, such as bathrooms, can seem uninviting. An alternative to expanding the space would be adding a skylight to make the room feel more open.

And, of course, skylights are known to increase the visual appeal of an interior. The natural illumination is the best type of lighting available. Daylight provides natural aesthetics, better colour, and can define a space without taking up any room on the floor.

Natural sunlight is a free mood enhancer. Alongside encouraging our bodies to produce vitamin D, it can also help to protect us from seasonal mood changes. Poor lighting can cause fatigue, and headaches, especially if we’re constantly straining to see, and insufficient natural lighting can trigger depression, and even have negative effects on our immune system.

Bright lighting stimulates the mind, which makes skylights create for office and work spaces. Dim lighting only quietens our senses, and makes us feel drowsy, which also makes skylights perfect for the bedroom. This natural lighting could help stimulate faster recovery, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. It’s a wealth of health benefits.

When the sun shines on a skylight, the light is transmitted into the room evenly and consistently, this creates a soft light, with minimal glare, that brings out the natural colours of the room, and highlights the features and architecture. There are also several options for bespoke skylights on the market, meaning that you could completely design how it will look, while getting the opinions of professionals.

“Ultrasky” are a range of lantern skylights made by Ultraframe. They’re based on the tried and tested BBA approved Ultraframe Classic roofing system, and the company also offer bespoke options for your skylight. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry for over 30 years of innovation and experience.