Have you recently decided to update the locks at your home? There are many reasons why you might want to update the locks in your home.

If you have recently moved home or perhaps lost too many pairs of keys, then rekeying or changing your locks is a great idea. Maybe there have been robberies or break-ins occurring in your neighbourhood and now is a good time to improve your security. Whatever the reason, choosing to make yourself and your home a little bit safer is always a great decision.

After you have decided it is time to update your locks, the next question is what type of lock you want to install. Lots of options exist and it’s important you pick the type of lock most suitable for you and your needs.

Standard Door Lock

You can opt for a standard door lock. This can be a great option if you want something simple and reliable and just want to update your old and rusty locks to something newer, more reliable, and more secure. Typical door locks can come in a variety of styles, such as latch, lever, or mortise-type locks. If you are worried about needing extra security, then installing a deadbolt can provide you with that extra piece of mind.

Electronic Door Lock

If you want to combine both high-level security and all of the conveniences of the modern world, then maybe you should consider a new electronic door lock.

With an electronic door lock, you will never need to worry about needing to look for your keys again. No more running late to important events in your life because you misplaced your keys and can’t find them. With an electronic door lock, you can unlock your home with a keypad, an app on your phone, or even with your voice through your favourite virtual assistant on your phone. No need for keys anymore with an electronic lock.

Like your typical standard door locks, electronic locks can also come in a variety of styles. Electronic locks can use all of your typical door lock mechanisms, such as lever, latch, mortise-type, and even deadbolt too. That way when opting for an electric lock, you don’t need to compromise your security for convenience.

In many ways, electronic locks could be considered safer than standard-style locks. This is especially true when it comes to giving others a copy of your keys. Long gone are the days of needing to make physical copies of your keys or leaving a key under a doormat to let the neighbour feed your pets while you’re away.

Electronic locks allow you to create unique pins for specific occasions. These unique pins can be for a set amount of time, from a few hours to just a couple of minutes. Best of all, the pins can be deleted after being used, so you never need to worry about who might have a key to your house lying around.

If all of the options seem overwhelming, talk to your local locksmith! They will be sure to be able to help you make the best decision and pick what type of lock is best suited for you and your needs.