When you hire a property inspector to investigate the issues with your property, you might be handed over a list of problems that require immediate attention. Some of the issues can be taken care of for the time being, but some issues should be rectified as early as possible. Foundation problem is one of such issues that require immediate attention.

People usually believe in some myths and misconceptions regarding the home foundation repair. Such misconceptions usually result with causing more damage to the architecture. Some of such disbeliefs are listed below.

  • Foundation is not the Actual Problem

Foundation is installed into the soil layer that is present under the house. Any changes in the soil structure will cause direct impact on the foundation of the house. Most of the property inspectors first check the soil layer under the foundation, instead of focusing just on the foundation structure.

Instead of focusing just on the foundation, you should check the condition of soil layer under the foundation to identify the actual issue with the foundation of your house. It is suggested to understand the actual problem and start working on rectifying the mistake, so as to let your house stand for some more years, instead of becoming confused about what exactly the problem with the soil might be.

  • Cracks will Not Reveal the Actual Place of the Problem

This is another misbelief that people have today about the issues related to the foundation. Foundation that are not firmly installed into the soil layer usually end up causing some movements in the overall structure. This usually results in causing some cracks here and there in the blocks that are used for building the foundation of the house.

Instead of focusing only on the cracks that are found in the foundation blocks, it is suggested to look for the actual problem in the foundation and take care of it.

  • Voids do Not Cause any Problem

The overall weight of a house will be rested on the set of piers and beams that are installed in the foundation. Concrete slabs are then used to fill in the gaps between the foundations and also to make the piers and beams stronger to hold the overall weight of the building. If voids are not taken care of during the construction of the foundation, then it might cause some problems in the future. Hence, voids should be filled properly, without any negligence.