According to Matt Davies Stockton, there are many ways you can protect your commercial flooring. However, epoxy coatings consistently turn out to be the favored choice. Let’s check out why business openers prefer epoxy coatings and how you can protect your commercial flooring with it.

The Details

  1. Optimized materials – One of the primary reasons for choosing epoxy coatings for floor protection is that they come in all kinds of flavors. They come as single-coats, primers, liners, and more. Primarily, there are three types of epoxy coatings used for floor protection. There are polyester coatings that have great corrosion resistance and are suitable for floors with low temperatures.

On the other hand, there are epoxy acrylates that are stiffer in nature and more suited for damp floors. Finally, there’s pure epoxy where a hardener is combined with a resin coating. While it has a slow curing time, it has the highest strength and has great adhesive properties.

  1. Impact resistance – When you use epoxy coatings on your commercial flooring, you can also improve its impact resistance by a great margin. Epoxy coats bond with the concrete floors to blend in and feel like a single structure. They strengthen the concrete floor by a great margin. Even when your employees drop or drag heavy materials, the high impact resistance offered by epoxy coats keeps the concrete from cracking.

When you have a commercial floor with high impact resistance you get a lot of productivity benefits. Your employees get to finish tasks in a smoother way and there are no delays due to equipment and supplies being stuck on cracked or damaged flooring. When you choose epoxy coating, you also save money that would be otherwise spent on frequent floor repairs.

  1. Slip-resistant – Unlike the floors in your home, certain parts of a factory or workshop always remain wet or dry. When parts of the floor are constantly wet, you need to find a slip-resistant solution for the safety of your workers. Fortunately, epoxy coatings allow you to do that.

When the epoxy coating is applied to your commercial flooring, you have the option to choose between coarse or mild textures for the finish. Depending on the degree of wetness and the amount of time the floor remains wet throughout the day, you can choose the finish and ensure a safe work environment.

It can keep your workers standing on the floor even when the floor is wet with oil, grease, food debris, rainwater, plastic wrap, and all kinds of materials. An anti-slip commercial flooring doesn’t just make the environment safer for your workers, but also for visitors, guests, and clients. If you’re in the vehicle maintenance, food, beverage, or animal care business, you should consider getting the floors epoxy coated.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you protect your commercial flooring with epoxy coatings since it brings such great benefits. Apart from protecting your floor from heavy equipment and natural elements, epoxy coatings also make it safer for your employees.