According to Mark Roemer Oakland, new construction painters can help a lot to complete the project aside from suggesting suitable paint colors or the type of paint that should be used for both outside and interior finishes. They can become invaluable for managing the project and ensuring there is no mistake from the beginning till the end of the project.

The Details

Here are a few things new construction painters can do to help complete the project:

  1. They can prepare the space and ensure the walls remain clean – Construction painters can ensure that the surface to be painted is clean and free of any dust or grime. This is usually more necessary when painting older structures and is an important step to perform before the pain work starts.

Once the checks are complete, they have to take care of the advance work such as the taping and other such measures to make sure everything is ready by the time the supplies and equipment arrive.

  1. They can structure a paint schedule based on the schedule of the construction work – Coordinating with the construction effort is extremely important to stay ahead of schedule and minimize any type of delays in the job. Plus, proper coordination also prevents interferences and obstructions that can cause clashes with the different work teams.

For instance, the painting schedule can be set such that the painting team works on the rooms on the front of the house while the construction continues on the other rooms of the building.

  1. They can maintain the flow of communication during potential delays and throughout the process – The flow of communication can be maintained by regular check-ins between the two contractors to ensure everything is on schedule or revise the schedule in case of any delays. The importance of proper communication is not to be taken lightly since it can solve many issues between the teams even before they crop up or fix them at the earliest.

Proper communication also helps to handle unexpected delays due to bad weather, unexpected accidents, shortage of supplies, and more. But it can also allow the teams to build time into the schedule to factor in the potential delays.

  1. They can identify the required painting supplies and equipment for the project – Construction painters need to plan in advance to create a list of tools, supplies, and equipment they would need for the project so that there is no delay when doing the actual work.

These include everything from basic supplies such as brushes and rollers to sprayers, scaffolding, and ladders. Getting all the necessary supplies is crucial to prevent delays and unnecessary anticipation.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you discuss the cleaning duty details with the construction painter after the painting project is finished. For instance, you have to ensure that they clean up after themselves and eliminate clutter by getting rid of empty paint cans and other such supplies after the final paint job is completed.