Changes in life

Our lives are constantly changing. We constantly try to break out of the routine we are in to look for things that excite us. The same is for the space we live, play and work in. Spaces need to be shifted and changed to match their purpose.

A space will definitely undergo transformation in its function. As time progress, our needs change and we grow. With this, we find new requirements for the space we are in. The most sensible thing to do to accommodate to these new requirements would be to renovate the space.

It would be easier to just adjust and bear it but this may result in lessened productivity. We, at Arts Advance are highly sought after contractors of renovation in Singapore.

About us

Our team consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced designers who are among the factors why we are the highly preferred renovators in Singapore.

Another factor that has contributed to us being the best when it comes to renovation in Singapore is our customer-friendly approach. We give ultimate importance to the needs and wants of our clients.

Our services

Our service for renovation in Singapore includes residential housing, private apartments, and terrace houses. We also cater to the renovation of office spaces and warehouses.

Our work flow

Firstly, we conduct a project discussion which allows us to get a clearer picture on the wants and needs of our clients. Ideas are welcomed from all parties. We will also outline a timeline for the entire project so that the project can be done without any delay.

The second stage of the process is the proposal of design. With the ideas from the first stage of the process, we will come up with floor plans and help you to visualize the renovation plane using materials such as ‘Mood boards’.

Thirdly, we finalise the design. Upon getting your approval for the layouts, design concepts, and details, we will finalize the plan and produce a blueprint.  Next is the materials selection followed by the commencement of the renovation project.

This work flow has enabled us to provide the best service to our clients when it comes to renovation in Singapore.