Keeping a shed cool during hot months is essential to making sure that all of the items inside stay in good shape. Additionally, poor ventilation during these months can lead to all kinds of moisture and humidity issues. There are several ways you can keep a shed cool, although some are more expensive than others. Keeping sheds cool can still be done even if you are on a budget and here are just some of the low-cost ways in which you can ensure that your shed doesn’t get overly hot when the warmer weather comes.

Roof Vents

The simplest and lowest cost approach to this is using roof vents to keep the shed cool. There are two main options here, wind vents and cross vents. We would advise using cross vents as they allow air to circulate inside the shed. Conversely, wind vents will cool the shed but don’t allow for much heat to leave. When it comes to the design of custom sheds Melbourne companies are leaning more and more toward a cross-vent design.

Roof Insulation

We often think of insulation as only being good for keeping sheds warm when it is cold outside, but it can also do the reverse. The most important aspect here is the roof, which will repel heat if it is well insulated. The lowest cost option here is to use spray-on insulation, which is a simple foam that creates air bubbles to fill open spaces and keep the temperature inside the shed at a neutral level.

Glazing Your Windows

Windows are a great option for sheds as they can be used for ventilation on warm days, and provide good natural light. Fixed windows can amplify the heat of the sun inside the shed, which can pose a problem. The smartest option here is to glaze the windows using a special paint or a thin layer of film. This will change the appearance of the window from the outside, but it won’t restrict the amount of light that pours in. The glazing will ensure that the heat is reflected thus keeping your shed nice and cool.

Install a Whirlybird

Mechanical roof ventilators work well here, but they are not cheap to purchase and install. The better option for keeping your shed cool on a budget is to use a whirlybird. This is a non-mechanical ventilator that spins when the wind hits it. For ventilation of custom sheds, Melbourne designers often recommend these to customers, because of the high wind levels in the city even when it is warm. The ventilator can be covered during colder months to keep the cold air out, and opened up once the warmer weather hits. This is certainly one of the cheapest ways to keep the air moving inside the shed on a hot day. Make sure that you still retain good levels of insulation after the installation of this vent.

Finally, make sure that you take action on hot days when you are at home, such as opening up the shed windows and doors. If you have products in there which are flammable or which could warp under heat, move them out of the shed during those hotter months.