Installing a home siding is a smart home improvement decision which can significantly change how your house looks. Because home siding is a big investment, you want to carefully consider your options before you make your final decision. When purchasing home siding, keep the following in mind:

Consider the Appearance of the Siding

Whether you are looking to resurface your entire exterior or attach siding to a particular area in your house, you must consider how the siding looks. You need to choose one that fits the style of your house. Conventional board and batten siding that is applied vertically will project a barn-like look. This wood is traditionally used in farm structures. If you want siding that creates a beach-house aesthetic install clapboard or lap siding. Usually, individual wood shingles deliver a mountain- or lake-house feeling.

Choose Durable and Easy to Maintain Siding

Aside from the style it invokes, siding is your home’s first line of defense against the environment. This makes it important to choose durable materials. If you choose wood, go for fire resistant lumber Wood siding is a common option. Softwoods like cedar, pine, and redwood offer enough protection against the damaged caused by salt air and sun. Hardwood is a little expensive; however, it can withstand harsh conditions. Garapa, teak, and ipe are flexible and durable hardwood options which retain their integrity with minimal maintenance.

Moreover, composite siding is made of cement composite board. They are proven to last longer and require little maintenance. Fully synthetic siding is designed to look like wood and requires little maintenance.

Prepare for Compromises

Because wood is a natural material, a small amount of it can be lost during milling. Some boards will not make the grade while others break. This is expected of the milling process. Because you have to cover for the loss you must purchase 5% to 10% more wood than your project requires. This makes sure you will have enough wood to finish your project and cover the loss.

Because home siding is a significant investment, you should plan carefully. Keep an eye on the houses in your neighborhood to know how your siding will fit. As you research sidings online, bring a photo of your desired siding to the lumber yard and ask questions. When you choosing the right siding for your house, you will be able to have an attractive and durable exterior you home will enjoy for many years.