Gardening can be a great outlet to indulge your creative side. Whether it’s a colourful garden to attract pollinating insects, or a Japanese zen garden in which to meditate and relax.

In this article, we are going to show you some interesting designs to make your garden look and feel like new.

Type of Garden

Depending on your preference and available space, you may want to choose a contemporary, landscaped garden, with clearly defined lines, and dedicated spaces for different plants. Alternatively, you may favour something a little more natural; untamed. Once you have an idea in mind, you can then start looking for inspiration online. Regardless of the type of garden you choose you may want to keep in mind that log cabins make a great addition to any open space – and they can serve multifunctional purposes, such as being an outdoor entertainment area, a home gym, or even a meditation space.


You don’t need a great deal of money to create a garden which you can enjoy and of which you can be proud. A few ways to enhance your garden on a budget are:

  • Plant trees: if the space allows, you can plant a tree or two. They live for a long time and can offer a decorative element to your garden;

  • Upcycle: Many people are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment, so they look at ways to recycle or upcycle. A popular trend is to use old pallets as vertical planters, or use the wood to make planter boxes;

  • Buy seed packets: These are more economical than buying already-growing plants. Cultivating a plant, whether flower or vegetable, from seed is also extremely rewarding;

  • Add storage space: Including a garden shed, or a small log cabin in your garden for storage ensures that your tools are secure and that chemicals and fertilisers are safely out of the reach of children.

  • Expand by Planting Perennials: An inexpensive way to expand your flowerbeds is to plant perennial plants that can be divided. Examples of suitable plants include lavender, daylilies, catmint, or chrysanthemums.

Add Features

If space allows, you can even add a pond. There are premade kits available, but as a family, you can get creative. Design your own and have it custom-made. Wall-mounted water features work great in smaller gardens. Not only does the sound of babbling water create a sense of calm and serenity, the feature will add a focal point to your garden.


Incorporate Furniture

Once again, this will be subject to the size of your garden. If you have a large space, then patio dining sets make a great addition to the garden, especially if you have an outbuilding that you have converted into a kitchen space. Folding furniture is a better option if you have a small garden. Either way, be sure to store any cushions indoors in case of rain.

With these tips, we’re sure you have a few starting points with which to work. Enjoy your new gardening project!