Contrary to popular belief of the people that bed bugs have been eradicated, the pests have been back with a vengeance. These tiny reddish-brown pests have invaded all homes, regardless clean or not. It would not be wrong to suggest that even the five star hotels have been infested by these small critters. The bed bug treatment was forgotten for a significant length of time. However, in the present times, it has become a priority for almost all households worldwide.

Bed bugs are a menace to household

These bed bugs have been known to feed on sleeping humans. Due to this, you would be able to locate them near the beds. When you look forward to undergoing bed bugs treatment, it would be in your best interest to note that bed bugs would not be limited to beds and the surrounding areas. The bed bugs have been known to reside almost anywhere. They would venture into any place where their flat bodies could easily fit. With that being said, the foremost place to search for bed bugs would be the mattress.

Searching the mattress

Apart from the easily visible bite marks on the person discovered when getting out of bed, you should look for small dark spots and casings. These signs would ensure that bed bugs are present are infesting your house. Bug treatment of a mattress has been known to come in two stages, such as

  • Cleaning
  • Treatment

Let us have brief understanding of both these aspects.

  • Cleaning the mattress

Cleaning the mattress would entail effective ways to a treatment. It would be inclusive of the following:

  • Vacuuming the area thoroughly with emphasis laid on the floor, walls, carpet, spring box and bed frames. You should consider every other place in the house where you feel bed bugs could create infestation.
  • Wash and dry linen and bedding in hot water and high temperature respectively.
  • Brush the mattress thoroughly for bed bug eggs lay, especially on the seam of mattress.

Clean mattress does not mean bed bugs are eliminated. You would need proper treatment for the mattress.

  • Treatment of the mattress

You should be rest assured that bed bugs treatment for mattress is a constant process. You should look forward to encasing the mattress after treating it for bed bugs. You should also steam clean the mattress to kill leftover bugs. Removing bibittes sur le matelas should be thorough and concise process.