Homeowners often don’t realize the perils of having rats and mice around the house. Rodents and pests must be kept at bay, mainly because of the health diseases and risks they pose. In this post, we are discussing how rats and mice, in particular, keep you sick.

Know the diseases and health risks

  1. Hantavirus. For the uninitiated, Hantavirus is spread when a person comes in contact of urine and feces of rats/mice. More often than not, people contract the same while dealing with house cleanups. Hantavirus can be fatal and is often related rice rats, cotton rats and other selected species of mice. If you live around farm areas, be more careful.
  2. Rats that have fleas can spread this disease, which can be a real danger. While this is not directly caused by rats and mice, it’s necessary to control movements of these pets in and around the house.
  3. Rotavirus. Mice and rats are also known to carry Rotavirus, which affects young kids in particular. Humans are likely to contract the disease while coming in contact with mice and rat feces.
  4. Rat bite fever. If a rat bites, scratches a person, he/she can get what’s called the rat bite fever. The condition can also transmit if someone comes in contact with dead mice.
  5. Leptospirosis is a bacterial condition, which is transmitted when someone comes in contact with contaminated water, and this can be related to rats and mice, besides other rodents.

Control rats and mice effectively

While there are many DIY hacks, it is best to consider tech-oriented devices for controlling rats and mice at home. A good example of that is electromagnetic pest control, which works for big homes and offices alike. The patented pest control technology works better than infrared products. In case of infrared products, the pest needs to be in direct line of the device for it to work, but that’s not the case with electromagnetic pest control. You can find products that have designed with care to cover all size of homes, and these devices work even when you have a lot of furniture at home.

If you have not considered a way to control pests and rodents at home, especially rats, mice and roaches, you are keeping things open for diseases. It literally takes little effort to buy and use an electromagnetic pest control, and these are absolutely safe for pets and kids too.