A survey was conducted by HGTV viewers, and according to the feedback, more than 80 percent of people describe their home’s interior as being “contemporary”, and one of the biggest challenges expressed was on how to elevate the style without completely redoing a room. One of the many tricks used by interior designers is to add new futures to a room to elevate the style, and of all the fixtures one can add, nothing stands out more than a ceiling fan.

One of the best design styles that’s easy to incorporate into a contemporary living space is industrial decor. That said, when you buy an industrial aged brass ceiling fan with light for any room, you will provide a functional piece that adds a ton of style.

Why Buy an Aged Brass Industrial Ceiling Fan?

Before we get into specifics over the fan, and industrial design, let’s first address why aged brass is an ideal finish. First of all, it is favored by those who love both masculine and feminine touches. Aged brass is also classic, and it can easily fit into any room, regardless of the room’s dominant style. Aged brass is a popular material for decorative items such as sculptures, staircase railings, cabinet hardware, and lighting fixtures. That said, an industrial aged brass ceiling fan can look amazing in any room.

An Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan with Matching Cabinet Hardware can Elevate a Dull Kitchen

Many people have a stark white kitchen, which is the current trend. White shaker cabinets, a white island, white subway tiles for the backsplash with black grout, and white tile floors offer that clean, sterile look that many people love. The pop in the room is from the aged brass cabinet hardware, and when you add an industrial aged brass ceiling fan with Edison bulbs, you will completely transform the room’s elegance into a space that looks like a showpiece.

But Aren’t Ceiling Fans Big and Bulky?

If you shop at big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes, then you will be hard pressed to find a ceiling fan that doesn’t overwhelm the space in a room. Most standard-sized ceiling fans are really big, and the big box stores usually only carry these, and they all come in dull “contemporary” styles replicating a fan that thousands of others have. In other words, if you want a ceiling fan that is more unique (like an industrial aged brass ceiling fan) and one that;s flush to the ceiling and smaller in size, you will need to go to a boutique store. But then you run the risk of paying a larger price tag.

How Much Should I Spend on an Industrial Aged Brass Ceiling Fan?

If you want an upscale look, and an industrial aged brass ceiling fan with light is what you are after, then don’t pay more than $400. Just because you are shopping at boutique or specialty stores doesn’t mean you have to pay a ton of money.