It doesn’t matter if you’re in a new house, or you’ve been there a few years, or a few decades. Your home should always be secure, and the best way to make sure that it is secure, is to bring in a specialist. The general homeowner won’t have the knowledge to find security faults in their homes, they might change the locks on their door when they move in, and they may have a burglar alarm, but that could very well be the extent of their protection.

Home Security Specialists make it their business to know the ins and outs of a property, they can easily identify any possible break-in points, and security flaws in your home, and give amazing advice and suggestions for improvements. There are reputable companies, like ERA, who know exactly which products would be best for your home, and how you can make yourself, your family, and your possessions more secure. Home security isn’t just a fail-safe, it’s necessary protection against burglary and other crimes. Specialists will be able to give you expert tips, too. Like not opening the door in darkness without your chain, because opportunists may take that as an invitation.

One service you should look for is a Home Security Survey. This usually entails a Security Specialist, who is a Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) locksmith, coming to your home and explaining products that would assist in keeping your home safe. They’ll also advise on current home security standard, and how you and your family can escape during an emergency. It’s simple to contact these locksmiths, and due to the extensive reach of MLA, there will be one near to your location.

The benefits of using an MLA locksmith is that they’re vetted, inspected, and qualified to offer advice in securing your home. Not only are they trained for home security, they are frequently re-trained to ensure that they are, and remain, the best in the industry to help you protect yourself and your home.

There are several instances where your home won’t be as safe as it could be. When you first move, when you’re doing home improvements, open windows without locks or alarms, and other structures on your property – like sheds, garages, and gates – that you may not think need an alarm or security measure. A MLA locksmith would point these out to you, while explaining the best ERA products for each situation.

You should remember that locks can be incorrectly fitted, and in this instance, having a MLA locksmith surveying your home would be a huge benefit.

ERA have collaborated with MLA to survey the homes of the UK for free. Setting up an appointment with a local MLA locksmith has never been easier, and you can sign up for the service on ERA’s website. ERA have been at the centre of securing Britain’s homes since 1838. They offer a range of security services and products, and aim to find a total security solution for your home as quickly as possible.