In the current scenario, the latest technologies which are taken for development and implementation of water treatment is impacted by three major factors: the discovery of new rarer contaminants, the promulgation of new water quality standards, and cost. For the first 75 years of this century, chemical clarification, granular media filtration, and chlorination were virtually the only treatment processes used in municipal water treatment. However, the past 20 years have seen a dramatic change in the water industry’s approach to water treatment in which water utilities have started to seriously consider alternative treatment technologies to the traditional filtration/chlorination treatment approach.

As per a recent report, the U.S. Water Industry grew 3% in the last few years, generating $160 billion in revenues. This is paving the way for more water treatment services, which makes sure to provide clean water to you.

The increase in unsafe drinking water:

Tens of millions of Americans get exposed to unsafe drinking water in any given year, consuming a wide spectrum of contaminants, including fecal coli form, lead, and arsenic.  Drinking water contaminants can cause short-term illnesses such as gastroenteritis, as well as many chronic conditions including cancer and neurological disorders. Dirty water can make you sick. You probably already know that. But do you know the many different ways polluted water can make you ill? Drinking or swimming in unclean water can cause:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • A sick stomach
  • Skin Rashes
  • Cancer (Some kinds of cancer, like leukemia, can happen after drinking bad water for a long period of time)
  • Reproductive problems (Some kinds of reproductive problems, like infertility, can happen after drinking polluted water for a long period of time)
  • Developmental problems (Some kinds of learning disabilities can happen after drinking dirty water for a long period of time)

There are many water treatment service providers who have got an exceptional understanding of water treatment, providing innovative and practical treatment solutions to mineral processing and industrial facilities. They methodically pilot and design efficient, cost-effective ARD treatment plants based on available, proven technologies.

The various services available:

The best location for your water filter system will depend on the type of filter you choose and your usage demands.

Water filters can be installed in a number of places in your home. They are:

  • Whole House Water Filter Installation-. It is installed on the main water line which helps in filtering all water before it is ready for use at home
  • Under Sink Water Treatment Systems Installation – It is installed under the kitchen sink, which filters the water before it enters your tap
  • Countertop Water Filtration System Installation – It is installed as a separate tap on the countertop for filtered water on-demand.
  • In Water Cooler Installation – This one gets installed inside the refrigerator for convenient, cold, filtered water anytime.

Pre-installation process:

 Before installing the setup, the water treatment experts conduct a few procedures to ensure your water treatment project is completed efficiently and affordable:

  • Plant or site audit and recommendations
  • Laboratory testing
  • Pilot-scale testing when necessary
  • Design and engineering of water treatment solutions
  • Construction management

The water treatment services offer technical expertise to provide effective mitigating strategies and innovative, practical solutions that reduce the environmental impact of your operations.