Since people have started spending more time at home, they miss being close to nature. This is why many people decided to bring nature indoors. Decorating the home with pants has become a very popular designing technique. Also, there are various types of plants you can use for designing your home interiors. Hence, you can easily find an option that will match your home’s interior design and personality. If you do not know how to design your home with plants, here are a few indoor plants decoration ideas:

01 of 05 Make the decor stylish by adding plants at different heights

If you buy all the plants of the same height and place them all on the ground, your home decoration design will appear flat and boring. To give your home interiors a more stylish and intriguing look, choose plants of different heights. This will add more depth to the space and enhance the visual appeal. If you want to place something to fill the corners, always consider tall plants instead of short ones. When placing short and tall plants together, position the smaller potted plants on shelves or cabinets and the taller ones on the floor. If you have medium-sized plants, place them on window sills or niches. Instead of placing just one piece as a standalone, layer the room with different-sized plants. However, do not place too many of them and make your interiors appear crowded. If your home decoration design does not allow you to place plants on different levels, you can consider investing in a stand with height or multiple levels. These stands are cheap and easily available.

02 of 05 Uniformity is inessential

While styling your home design with plants, you do not have to focus on uniformity. Instead, you should focus on adding more varieties. This indoor plant decoration idea will add more visual interest to your room. You can easily find different options in the market. Similarly, you should focus on variety while looking for planters for your plants. From plant baskets, pots to bottle planters, there are many options available. However, make sure all of them complement each other’s looks despite being different. Otherwise, they will not look appealing if you group them together. Do not be afraid to experiment with a few pieces. Put your creativity to use and come up with interesting ideas to design the interiors with different types of plants.

03 of 05 Choose the right planters for your plants

As mentioned earlier, you must look for varieties while choosing planters for your plants. However, you have to also keep in mind that the planter must complement the plants. Otherwise, the overall appeal of the room will diminish. Ideally, certain types of planters are used for a few specific types of plants. For instance, hanging pots are considered better for bushy foliage plants and floor pots are used for taller plants. However, you can always experiment with the planters and create a stunning combination that will enhance the appeal of your home’s interior design.

04 of 05 Introduce different shapes and patterns

You can always add more visual interest to any space by introducing different shapes and patterns. Using plants as a decor item gives you plenty of opportunities to introduce more patterns and shapes to your interiors. There are various types of plants available in the market. Choose plants with different leaf shapes and sizes to add more texture to your interiors. Textures are important to enhance the appeal of any space and this is the easiest way to add more textures to your home interiors. Also, the different shapes and sizes of the plants will allow you to introduce more patterns. When choosing the plant, do not forget about the planter. You can also choose planters that will introduce patterns to your home.

05 of 05 Do not leave the corners empty

It is very important to not leave the corners empty. As a result, the overall room design will appear dull. You can come up with various unique ideas to fill up that corner and enhance the appeal of the room. However, if you do not want to make a lot of effort and burn a hole in your pocket, you can consider exploring a few indoor plant decoration ideas. A beautiful plant in a stunning planter will certainly enliven the appeal of the space. However, you must keep in mind that a tall potted plant looks better as a standalone in an empty corner. Also, pay attention to the design of the planter while choosing.