Gardens have the potential to become one of the most wonderful assets of our homes. Whether a small balcony space or a large plot of rich soil, they can support our wellness, our diets, and our creativity. To achieve this, however, requires a little work. While you may have a keen eye for floral arrangements and exterior design, the ongoing maintenance required to deter weeds and prevent weather damage can overwhelm some.

To help bring your garden to life, we’ve put together a guide, collecting together the most tried and tested creative tips from homeowners who have transformed their varied spaces into fruitful and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Food and Fancy

Growing your own food in a garden space doesn’t necessarily mean ploughing trenches and occupying a significant portion of your lawn to root vegetables. In fact, there are many ways that food and style can marry together exceptionally well. Herb gardens, for instance, are extremely flexible and can be established in vertical spaces, small and large pots, and, depending on your choice of plant, can fill a garden space with colours and aromas, bringing an amazing aesthetic to your garden and kitchen.

Rustic Dining

Hosting your guests or family outdoors is always a pleasure and it can elevate your meal’s experience too, especially if you’re eating the food you’ve grown yourself. Think carefully about the design of your dining area and don’t solely rely upon practicality. Plastic chairs, for example, will detract from a pleasant evening unlike rattan corner dining sets, which have a gorgeous natural design. Investing in higher quality dining equipment will also ensure it holds up well against harsher weather conditions, instead of deteriorating quickly.

Look Upward

Many gardens make use of their horizontal space while almost entirely neglecting their vertical potential. Bare walls, empty climbers, and exposed windows are amazing canvases for natural growth and colour. Instead of leaving them exposed, get out the paint buckets and get creative, or encourage wonderful climbing plants to make a home upon them. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing but you’ll also encourage bees to visit too.

Wild Wonders

And, speaking of bees, it is important to remember that your garden isn’t only a place for you but for the local wildlife too. Laying down harmful weed killers and trimming your lawn are increasingly taboo habits as they harm the local ecology. Instead, consider allowing your grass to grow with movements like No Mow May, as well as encouraging the prosperity of important insects, such as bees, by hanging a bee hotel on your wall or encouraging a variety of wildflowers to bloom. With a little wilderness, you may even see hedgehogs appear!

Make A Statement

When it comes to garden design, homeowners are often less likely to get creative unlike with their interior design. This doesn’t have to be the case and gardens can be the perfect platform to express your creativity, whether through the utilisation of upcycled furniture, statement murals, or an explosion of colour.