Have you ever heard about bath bomb? You can really spice up your bathing experience with the help of bath bomb. Lets us see how your batching will make you feel as if you are swimming in a painting.

Following are few things to know about bath bomb.

  • Is there any expiry date?

It is always better to use bath bombs when it is fresh as with time it becomes less effective. Any fresh bath bomb will fizz faster as compared to any old one. Same is also with its smell. If you use it fresh then you can enjoy its smell better than using after a year. Better idea is to get fresh one from the market and consume it within next three weeks to get its real fizz.

  • How much time bath bomb must be put before actually going for bath?

Usually any bath bomb takes about 5 minutes to fizz. Therefore don’t jump into bathing immediately after putting it on your bath tub but wait for about 5 minutes, watch it and then start taking bath.

  • How to make your color of bath bomb swirl?

Actually it is due to chemical reaction between bicarbonate of the soda and citric creates the fizzing in the bomb. You need to make your mixture by combining with the other mixture in certain way which you need to figure out by trial and error and see the mixtures are going different directions. With little practice you can literally control its flow.

  • How to achieve glitter off the bathtub?

You really don’t need any special toilet cleaner to clean your bathtub. You can use any shampoo bar or detergent and wash it off.

  • Do I need to wash my hair if there is bath bomb in the water?

It is no way going to affect your hair negatively however few ingredients like essential oil or citric acid which are quite softening. The bath bomb chemicals are just sufficient to clean your hairs.

  • Is it OK to use bath bomb if I have sensitive skin?

Usually there is no harm even if your skin is little more sensitive as the chemicals of bath bomb are too mild. Therefore you will not face any skin irritation as such. However if you are concerned about your skin then you must avoid too much of layers of bubbly mix. Sometime extra bubble mix may cause little skin irritation.

With this information you can safely use bath bomb and enjoy special bathing experience