The kitchen is often the hardest room in the house to keep clean. It may seem like you are constantly trying to catch up with the dishes or messy counters after each meal or snack. When you have kids in the home, this can become even more exhausting. A splashback is a great help when you spend a lot of time on meal preparation. The kitchen is no place for bare walls. Chopping, stirring, and stovetop cooking can all result in food and liquids on the walls. A splashback is an easy to clean option that can be customised to match your kitchen decor.


Many people use their splashback as an opportunity to add some colour to their kitchen. You may have colourful hand towels, rugs, or dishes that you want to match. A splashback in Perth can be customised to match your decor. This often involves various colours. Even popular glass splashbacks can be enhanced with various colours. The wall behind them can be painted a complementary colour or made to match the rest of the kitchen. Sometimes, coloured glass is also chosen.


A splashback can take hours away from your cleaning time. When food or grease gets onto sheetrock, it can be impossible to remove. When there is no splashback, stains begin to form on the walls. This can make the home look old and dirty. With a splashback in place, all you have to do is wipe the surface with a cloth and a mild cleaner. Your kitchen continues to look nice without hours of scrubbing stains off of walls. Cooking can simply get messy sometimes. A splashback is a necessity in all kitchens.

Value of Your Home

When you buy a home, it is important to maintain the monetary value of the property. This allows you to sell the home at good price if you ever decide to move. New homeowners are often surprised by the amount of repairs and updates that are necessary. Some additions make it much easier to maintain the integrity of the home. A splashback can make it effortless to keep your kitchen looking new. This takes the stress off of homeowners who may be showing their home to new potential buyers. The family can still cook as normal while the house is being prepared to sell, even if the splashback or background paint is new.

A splashback is a common part of the kitchen in most homes. It is unlikely to find a modern home on the market without one. Many people like to change them, however, to match their personal decor. Glass is a new popular option that can add a simpler look and allow your favourite paint colour to show through. Enjoy your time in the kitchen without the worry of a complicated clean up.