Buying replacement windows can be a daunting process. Most homeowners don’t know where to start or what to look for in a replacement window company. Here are three things you should find out before you hire a company to replace the windows in your home.

Do They Sell the Types of Replacement Windows You Want?

Before you even start setting up appointments with replacement window companies to get quotes, make sure they sell the products you’re interested in. Some replacement window dealers only sell vinyl windows, while others offer fiberglass or wood windows. In addition, each replacement window dealer will only sell select brands of windows. If you are interested in a particular brand, go to the manufacturer’s website and find authorized dealers in your area.

Michal Bohm, owner of BM Windows says, “At our San Diego replacement window company, we sell windows made by Anlin. This is a lesser-known regional brand of replacement windows and doors, but those who do their research will find that the company makes excellent windows and has a great reputation for standing behind their products. We have chosen not to sell some of the more popular brands, even though some of our potential customers request them by name, because we just don’t have the same level of confidence in their products that we do with Anlin windows and doors.”

Do They Have a Good Reputation for Customer Service?

There are some industries in which customer service is not as important, but the replacement window industry is not one of them. You want to work with a company that you can call, should anything go wrong with your windows down the road. If you ever have a problem related to the installation of the windows, you should be able to call the company for repairs and have them take care of the issue. If it’s a manufacturing defect you’re dealing with, a good replacement window dealer should contact the manufacturer on your behalf to get the window repaired or replaced.

You also want to work with a replacement window company that will help you decide on the best windows for your home, and not try to upsell you on features you don’t want or need. A good replacement window company can also work with your homeowners association (HOA) if you have one, or help you apply for any rebates you qualify for.

The best way to determine whether or not a company offers good customer service is to read customer reviews on third-party sites such as Yelp. You can also ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.

What Is Included in Their Replacement Window Warranty?

Replacement window warranties can vary quite a bit, so you want to make sure you understand what is included in the warranty of any replacement windows you are considering. Some windows on the market come with as little as a five-year warranty, while others have a double lifetime warranty that you can pass on to the next owner of your home. Check if the warranty covers things like window screens and hardware, and if it covers accidental glass breakage (not all do).

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, some replacement window dealers will offer their own guarantee on the installation, so if any future problems crop up as a result of faulty installation, your windows are still covered.

Of course, we know that very few consumers read the fine print on anything before they purchase, but at the very least, we recommend you ask your replacement window company to go over the important details of the warranty with you before you sign on the dotted line.

Knowing what to look for in a replacement window company is a great place to start. Once you select a reputable company, they should be able to walk you through all of the other decisions that need to be made with regard to your new windows.