There are many reasons to consider investing in CCTV security for your home. From peace of mind to preventing crime, CCTV for the home offers homeowners a range of benefits.

Whether you are looking for remote access to the cameras or you require 24-hour recording, there is a lot of things to consider. Then there is the problem of choosing a CCTV camera from the diverse range of products available on the market.

To help you get the best solution for your at-home CCTV security system, this article is going to look at 3 modern CCTV cameras for home security.

8MP Hikvision DS-2C2T87G2-L

The Hikvision DS-2C2T87G2-L offers a great deal of functionality and is perfectly suited to home security. It is an 8 MP bullet network camera that uses Hikvision ColorVu technology to provide exceptionally clear, crisp and colourful imagery 24-hours a day. It has a lot of technology loaded into a small package, such as:

  • 8 MP resolution for high-quality images
    • Streamlined H.265+ compression technology
    • Clear imaging against backlight using 130 dB WDR technology
    • 24/7 full-colour imaging

As well as all of this functionality, it uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to detect human and vehicle classifications on the fly. There is room for onboard storage too thanks to a nifty micro-SD slot that can add up to 256 Gb of space.

4 MP Hikvision DS-2CD2T87G2-L

The Hikvision DS-2CD2T87G2-L is another home security camera solution that offers an excellent number of features. This camera uses a turret design for added security and stability. It is also made to look sleek and inconspicuous so it doesn’t stand out on a property. It has a 4MP high-resolution display output for clear, vivid images in full colour. Some of the other pre-loaded features include:

  • Up to 30m White light
    • H.265+ compression technology
    • Face capture and smart motion detection
    • IP67 weatherproof for all seasons
    • 130dB wide dynamic range
    • Built-in microphone

It is perfectly suited for 24/7 surveillance and can be equipped with onboard storage of up to 256 GB. In terms of value for money, there are few at-home surveillance cameras that offer as much affordability and functionality.

Hikvision IPC-T259H

The Hikvision IPC-T259H is a modern CCTV camera that has been designed for residential purposes. It features a turret design for added durability and offers exceptionally high-quality imaging with a 5 MP resolution. It also performs very well in low-light conditions, making it a perfect option for 24/7 surveillance. It can handle all of the weather conditions thrown at it thanks to its IP67 weatherproofing. Some of the additional features of this camera include:

  • Effective H.265+ compression technology
    • F1.0 advanced lens
    • ColorVu lite technology

With FPS set at 5 MP resolution, it is a good all-rounder that balances affordability with functionality. If you are considering an entry-level CCTV camera system for at-home use, this is a perfect option.